US security agencies concerned about domestic terrorism after President Biden’s transition

Despite the smooth transition of President Joe Biden, there are security concerns that a threat may be looming. It is expected to be domestic and coming from  Mr. Donald Trump supporters. 

Domestic security breach imminent—FBI 

Top security officials in the US have issued stern warnings about the possibility of a home-based terrorist act from sympathizers of ex-president Donald Trump. 

A huge number of President Trump supporters are said to be unhappy with the election results and could be security threats in the coming days. According to Homeland Security, the attack on DC may be the first step to greater violent acts by some Trump supporters. 

The statement warned that there are indications that “individuals” unhappy with the present administration may foment trouble. The attack in the DC Capitol took many Americans unaware and security agencies in the US are working around the clock to prevent another.

President Donald Trump was said to have encouraged his supporters to “fight like hell” unless they want the country to be run by “saboteurs”. Some supporters encouraged by this, stormed the Capitol as lawmakers were preparing for a vote to cause chaos.

Security threat linked to Donald Trump hard-liners 

Although Mr. Trump was impeached a few days before the end of his tenure, his trial in the senate has been shifted to February 8. The security advises states that they believe security threats will persist weeks after President Biden’s inauguration.

“ Intel gathered suggest that some ideologists will try to steer violence in certain parts of America because they objected to the result of the November election” The statement reads. 

The warning also mentions that top Biden officials may be a target of some of these extremists. This is the first such public warning issued in decades. This brings forward the sharp divide among ex-president Trump and  Mr. Joe Biden supporters.