Florida “Paramedic of the Year” accused of COVID-19 vaccine theft

A recently crowned paramedic of the year has been charged with stealing vaccines. The accused has been arrested and asked to explain the loss of vaccines at his disposal. 

Vaccines meant for health officials stolen by Joshua Colon 

A man has been accused of colluding with a supervisor to take coronavirus vaccines, which are meant for NHS officials. Joshua, Colon, 30, has been taken into custody as charged on several counts of theft, false representation, developing a false personality, and making a false record of a police officer.

This statement was made by the Polk County sheriff’s office as announced Wednesday. He tendered his resignation letter last week, shortly after committing the crime. 

“ The fact is that Joshua helps organize how the vaccines are to be stolen. Instead of going directly to his superiors, he started making counterfeit papers to cover his crime“ according to the police authorities. 

In early January, a group of clubs in Lakeland Town named him“ Paramedic of the Year’ after his heroic feat of saving people in highway accidents. Colon wasn’t available to say his side of the story to reporters as efforts to reach it wasn’t fruitful.  

Joshua complained that three vials of the vaccine were bad

As a paramedic, and instructor within the Polk fire rescue team, his duty was to administer the Moderna vaccine to health officials attached to the fire responders colon, was insured with about three jars having 10 vaccines to administer to these responders at the station office. 

However, it was noticed that he only administered 28, complaining that two were bad. He later changed his story, saying he used 27 vaccines and three were bad. At this junction, his superiors began to have doubts about his story. A battalion officer started an investigation into the matter and discovered several inaccuracies in his paperwork.

The inaccurate information was the names of an ex-firefighter and other identities who confirmed they haven’t received any vaccine dose.